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Silvia Tortosa

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Real Name: Silvia Tortosa

Age: 68 years old

Birthday: March 8th, 1947

From: Barcelona Spain

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The Voluptuous Hollywood Star, Silvia Tortosa, was born on March 8th, 1947. Silvia Tortosa is 66 years old. Silvia was born in Barcelona Spain. This nude hollywood star has a first-class body, great tittys, luscious blonde hair, and a bonus, Silvia Tortosa has given us her bush on the hollywood screen!

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2003Luna negraLuisa Díaz
1999Sota el signe de...Actriz
1996Hostal Royal ManzanaresEsmeralda
1996Yo, una mujerNA
1995Todos a bordoNA
1986Régimen abiertoNatalia
1980Chevaux du soleilMarguerite
1978Réquiem por un empleadoNA
1977Susana quiere perder pesoNA
1977Niñas... al salónMaite, La Quitapenas
1977Vote for GundisalvoNA

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