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Darian Caine

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Real Name: Darian Caine

Age: 41 years old

Birthday: October 24th, 1973

From: Xenia, Ohio USA

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The Lascivious Celebrity, Darian Caine, was brought into this world on October 24th, 1973. Darian Caine is 39 years of age. Darian was born in Xenia, Ohio USA. This nude actress has a superior body, excellent breasts, flirtatious blonde hair, and a bonus, Darian Caine has given us her vagina on the hollywood screen!

Nude & Sexy Roles

2009Batbabe the Dark NightieWendy Wane / BatBabe
2008Insatiable IronBabeOgby Stain
2008Naughty NovelistDarian
2007Topless Tapioca WrestlingDarian Caine
2007Sex HexChloe
2007Cloak & Shag HerDr. Mean
2007Secret DesiresDenise
2006Sexual Incantations
2006An Erotic Werewolf in LondonN/A
2006Kinky KongCharlina
2005Lust in Space: The Erotic Witch Project IVCaptain Caine
2004Sexy Adventures of Van HelsingDracula
2004Erotic Diary of Misty MundaeFantasy Girl 1
2004Seduction of Misty MundaeParty Girl
2004Lust for DraculaDracula
2003Sexy American IdleIce
2003Vampire VixensDotty
2003Sexual ConfessionsNA
2003SpiderBabeLisa Knoxx
2003Lustful AddictionDarian
2002Chic 2: The King of SexKristen
2002Vampire ObsessionNA
2002Play-Mate of the ApesUvala
2002Lord of the G-Strings: The Femaleship of the StringHorny
2002Erotic MirrorWhorehouse Madame
2002Pleasures of a WomanApril
2002Satan's School for LustSatan
2002Vampire QueenFemale Escort #1
2001Witchbabe: Erotic Witch Project 3Karen
2001Gladiator EroticusEroticus
2001Erotic SurvivorDarian
2001Mummy RaiderKristen
2001Erotic GhostDoris
2000Mistress FrankensteinHelena Frankenstein
1999Erotic Witch ProjectDarian
1998Girl Explores GirlLily

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